the black vial
the jaguar and the yellow colour
014 lp

the black vial
noise frequency PWM
027 lp

That Liebfried Loch has been making his found sound/voice/guitar/organ recordings more or less unnoticed since the late 70s is a real shocker. And he has played amongst and with the bigger names of a DIY, Velvets/Barrett/Drake inspired scene in and around Berlin, with connections to 39 clocks, Phantom Payne, Beauty Contest, etc. But his method is decidedly more avant-garde than most. Loch has no patience for a melody, choosing to layer sounds unwittingly. That method has been used to some very tiresome results by a great many artists, but for whatever reason, is much kinder to Herr Loch. If you got ahold of his ‘95 debut Frozen Morning you were one of the lucky few probably to be taken with its freshness. That Loch was pushing 60 was that much more enticing. These 2 lps are his first to enjoy a domestic release, and were done in editions of 300, bearing artwork by the artist and longtime collaborator, Sabine Faust.