Ju Suk Reet Meate
Solo 78 / 79
aka Do Unseen Hands Keep You Dumb?
CD - 057

This style of loop and layer is mostly impressive in hindsight. This guy was doing it in the late '70s; today’s cassette loop and 4-track stoners aren’t reinventing jack. Solo 78 / 79 makes this style actually seem like a purposeful style as opposed to a hard drive garbage disposal. Meate’s also keeping it a lot cleaner than today's lo-fidelity experimenters; too much material these days comes in a standard dress code of murk and hiss. His interest in a sound world where not everything ends up in a mighty white noise freak-out is a message worth reissuing. While some of the sample material may sit a little on the dated side now, this was raw in '78-'79. Along with the rest of the Smegma collective's work, this record is yet another root of today's noise/free/drone sound, and proof that much of this crowd are merely freewheeling down well-worn paths.

~ Scott McKeating